Protests & Gestures of Peace


“This [peaceful protest] has helped me in various situations, one of them being psycho roommate disagreements. I feel like violent protests would be more effective.”

“You cannot create peace. Peace is a non action. War (destruction) and creation are opposites and peace is the neutral. Creation and destruction are neither inherently good nor bad.”


“Somewhat effective. Some great laws have been passed via petition.”

“Humanitarian work creates peace, little or big it doesn’t matter as long as you are helping.”


“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

“I’m not really sure [how peace is created]. Personally, I think people need to see others as humans and treat them as such. We all bleed red, and if we learn to hold doors open for those behind us, or share half of our cookie with the less fortunate I think that would create less violence. Maybe the teaching of better morals?”


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